Sussex Autogas Ltd are agents for BRC Gas Equipment one of the market leaders in the developement, manufacture and supply of alternative vehicle fuel systems throughout Europe. Autogas is a term generally used for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), when it is used for propulsion of road vehicles. The Gas is usually obtained as by-product of the distillation of oil from crude oil, and when it is pressurised it becomes a liquid (LPG). This is how it is purchased from the filling station through special pumps into the LPG tank in the converted vehicle. BRC systems use a vaporizer to convert the liquid into vapour which allows the vehicle to run on LPG. Converted vehicle can run either on Petrol or LPG and thye can change at the flick of a switch they are sometimes knowsn as ‘Dual-fuel’ or ‘Bi-fuel’ vehicles. The BRC sequent fast sequential injection system has been developed and designed to meet the technological requirements of the current and future generations of vehicles and we can suppply and install this system from £1800. Sussex Autogas Ltd can supply LPG gas parts to convert most old and new vehicles to run on both LPG and petrol, and offer a full installation service. We can also supply the parts for a DIY conversion.

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